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Post Construction Cleaning can be a major headache if you don`t have the proper training and equipment to tackle the job. E.P.S Cleaning Service specializes in Post Construction Cleaning with over 500 jobs already completed as of 1 December 2010. Some of our biggest clients include: Gilday Construction, C I Designs, Rollins Construction, and Talon Construction. During the summer of 2010 E.P.S Cleaning Service completed several large projects listed below:


Stevenville MD:13,000 sq.feet 

Columbia MD:11,000 sq. feet

Bowie MD:8,000 sq. feet


Bel Camp PA:44,000 sq. feet 
Falls Church VA:21,000 sq. feet 
York PA:120,000 sq. feet 


Post Construction Pricing
Final pricing is determined via an on-site estimate. Below is a rough estimate based on previous situations involving post construction cleaning. Your situation may vary based on your expectation level. Any home or business over 3300 sq. feet please call for a free estimate!

$498      1000 sq. feet or less 
$650     1100 sq. feet to 1700 
$878     1700sq. feet to 2500 
$1146   2600sq. feet to 3300


Don`t be fooled by other companies who are not experienced to handle your post construction cleaning needs. E.P.S Cleaning Service stands behind the quality of our work in we`re willing to go the extra mile to make any client happy within reason. Construction Dust just won`t leave by simply using a spray bottle and a wet cloth. Proper techniques and Post Construction Cleaning equipment`s is needed in order to insure that your project is 100% towards your liking. Remember it does not cost anything to receive a free Estimate before making a decision that might end up proving costly.  If you have any questions please contact us.






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