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Office cleaning can be a rather difficult task for some customers, that`s why choosing the right company for your needs is critical. Here at E.P.S Cleaning Service we understanding the task at hand and our dedication is devote to our customers whether its quality , communication , and reliability! If there`s any special need or request please call us or you can send your questions to:  


Special note: your under no contractual obligation with us. You can simply cancel services at any time via (phone or email) if your billing is current and completed.



Pricing is determined by customer expectation, level of service, and the frequency of service. You can always call or send an email to receive a free quote. The only information we need is (1. sq. feet of your location and your expectation level - basic cleaning or top to bottom cleaning.)


Supplies and Equipment:

E.P.S Cleaning Service will provide OSHA approved chemical and supplies as needed. Excluded: towels, trash bags, toilet papers and hand soap. However a customer can request supplies and equipment if needed!


Additional Charges:

Carpet cleaning, Window cleaning, Floor waxing, Post Construction Cleaning and Painting.


Billing Information:

Customer invoices will be sent on the 15th of the month at that time the customer has until 1st of the following month to make a payment. If a payment hasn't been received by 5th of the month then an administrative fee of $55.00 will be applied to the account.


If the customer hasn't made a payment by the 10th of the following month, services will be placed on a hold period until the bill is current.


Communication is important to prevent misunderstanding on correctable situations. A simple phone call will let both parties know exactly what`s going on and what direction to take as needed.


Description of Assignment:

Dusting all common areas with the exception of work station/desk areas.

Bathroom/restrooms: Clean and sanitize men and women restrooms.

Cleaning of all other surfaces- sinks, water fountains, counters, bars, and tables.

Trash pickup: Collect and dispose of all garbage

Vacuuming: Floors per visit

Moping: Damp moping per visit


If you have any questions please contact us.






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